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new tennis Shirts for our masters

Tennis Herren gesponsert von Schuh-Sport Günther

new jerseys for men's Team
Schuh-Sport Günther sponsored the new jerseys of the Ellmau tennis men. Nina and the team wish you success in the tournaments!

traditional Toerggelen

Traditional Toerggelen

Every fall, we invite you to our already traditional Toerggelen!
We offer all the regular items 20% off.
We are open throughout the day until 9:00 p.m.
Anyone can make use of for our buffet and gets to go shopping like a glass of wine, beer or coffee.
For sociable atmosphere there is little vocal or musical interludes by local musicians!

Nina and the team of Schuh-Sport Günther always look forward to visiting the many "traditional Toerggelen"!

Barns for children

Barns for children

Barns for children
In cooperation with the active Hotel Hochfilzer we have converted barns on Wochenbrunnweg for children.
Hotel Children, Children of the crèche, kindergarten and elementary school children and the children's program of the tourist office may use the hay barn accompanied by an adult.

You already had a trial run with the hotel children, and it was delightful to see how eager the children are employed there and played.

Kindergarten to visit

Kindergarten children visited Schuh-Sport Günther

Kindergarten to visit
Kindergarten children visiting Shoe & Sport Professional Günther

On 28 June 2012 were the children from kindergarten Ellmau to visit with us in business.
They were allowed to her feet on our Boot-Doc foot analysis device measure themselves and were able to see which shoe size and foot shape they have.
Then they were given a small gift and a Fußmesspass.
At the end we went to Hochfilzer on a "hot dog with fries" snack!

The team of shoes sports Gunther had a lot of fun with the sun flower children!
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